Friday, April 23, 2010

I just found A cute photo.!!hehe.. cutey they r...
Far apart from that my face also as white as sheet when i see their face..hehe..
i just wun to hung them every nite..if i can la..haha..

like this kitten..,i think the kitten r surprised about the cap that the owner had wearing on it..
and to show off some respect for the cap.,the kitten had been speechless from the MmioWw.,mIoww.,mmIowW type of words that we also cannot preferred to understand the words...
ExcePt the GeorGe the Jungle can understand wut the animals including this kitty said...hahaha....

like this type of monkey..
i doesnt really know why it been really shocked.??
i think the littlle monkey r not in the mood..
maybe it saw the camera flash rite into it eyes.,makes it shocked..
dont be worried little fella., ur face r being spread around the world..
Dis will make you a Star..!!n_n..

also..,dis dUgong had no worries enough when it comes the sunshine day..hehe..
how cute r dis little dugong..huhuh..

oKey..,by then the message r : save our nature.,dont let the poachers kill them all..
hehe..poachers also out in my english exam..lalala..
so the exam inspired me to do this article..haha..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Its been quit long dad i didn't blog anything..
well.,now im in a long break of semester..huhu...
Forget bout da past..must nurture towards da excellence starts from now..
im wondering wen i can get an dean awards..hehe...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

huhu..kinda of scary thing..,went I know dad da results oF pSpm will coming soon..
dad how we judges our performance in our learning.,by Exam.! okay..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well.,now I was in holiday...
Im also feel a little bit boring so far..haha..
So back to da topic...
in dis time.,I wun to tell you about my taste in food on Terengganu style..
Well.,nowadays it seems most people including me like to enjoyed nasi dagang during their breakfast... Beside nasi dagang., theres also some otak2x..n lemang..

went I talk bout otak2x.,im remembered dad.,my ex-classmate in KMM really2x likes he was anak jati Penang...n_n..

also.,went we talk about beverages.,in terengganu.,dads lots of coconut tree we can climb or lets da monkeys do da jobs..,to collect da coconut fruits...n after dads.,of course lah.,we drinks it..hoho...
in terengganu.,we call "kelapa" as "nyior"...
so lovely n enjoying went we drink it at da beach..!n_n..

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hello you guys..,

weLcOme to My Blogs...
My name as given from my parent is Basharuddin bin Bahrum. but you can simply call me as baSha..
so.,iM from Terengganu.,yeehh ganu KiTer..!!
im now jus finish mY study in MMC.,or Malacca Matriculation College,
weLL im kinda exited for making dis blog because dis is my first blog ever dad i Write..!!huhu..

iM also jus thinking about the apppropiate language dad i will consider to use in mY Bahasa or English...
so.,im feel free to use both languages..,or in oRder mEaning dad is in "Rojak stYle"..hoho..

im aLso want to thanks to Afif n Shafiq dad is my fwen from Malacca Matricullation College for giving an inspiration to me.,for making dis blog..huu..~~~